We are open 7am to 7pm 7 days a week.
We are open 7am to 7pm 7 days a week

Central Saanich

Tree preservation in Central Saanich is vital for climate mitigation, including carbon sequestration and supporting storm water management.

Tree Management Bylaw The Tree Management Bylaw regulates cutting, removal, or damaging trees and requires replacement. Pruning branches over 10 cm in diameter on a permit tree needs a permit unless done by a certified arborist.

Tree Removal To prune, alter, or remove a permit tree (trees over 30 cm in diameter at breast height or protected species such as Arbutus, Pacific Dogwood, and Garry Oak), apply for and receive a tree cutting permit first.

Tree Replacement After removing a permit tree, replace it with three trees if your property doesn’t meet the Tree Density Target. Refer to the Tree Species List for suitable replacements.

If you need professional tree services, Anchor Tree Service can guide you through the permitting process and help you comply with local regulations. For full details on fees, replacement trees, and applying for a permit, visit the Central Saanich website.

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