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We are open 7am to 7pm 7 days a week


In Esquimalt, trees play a vital role in everyday life, from providing shade and beauty to supporting biodiversity. The township’s Tree Protection Bylaw outlines how trees are protected and what residents can do to help maintain a vibrant and healthy urban forest.

You will need a permit to cut, remove, or alter a protected tree, including those that are dead, dying, or hazardous, as well as trees that interfere with construction if no alternatives exist. To apply, download a Tree Cutting Permit Application or pick one up at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre.

When you receive a permit to remove a protected tree, you must plant a replacement tree within the time specified on your permit. Unauthorized tree removal or cutting can result in fines ranging from $250 to $10,000.

If you need professional tree services, Anchor Tree Service can guide you through the permitting process and help you comply with local regulations. For more information, visit the Township of Esquimalt’s website.

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